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Video clip ultimate Domino effect with 20,000 pieces

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  To get more than 3 minutes for us to see the effects like this, the author has to spend countless time to create. Along track video and admire the creativity and perseverance of the author hard offline.







    Domino effect is a continuous chain reaction, the reaction that occurs when a small change in the origin or starting point of a logical system that could cause a similar change at the point P closest, and from there spread broadly beyond the point quickly forming sequence change. This effect is the principle of our best games classified military intelligence domino.

competition domino effect 

When put the dominoes stand together with the distance between the two pieces are not too far away, we can push down the first domino, chess pieces into pieces that will stand beside that it toppled over, this process continue until the entire series of dominoes, all down. The changes to these pieces are the same, so we create a linear sequence changes, this can be seen when one domino system is independent and only the change of system caused by impact to the first pieces, which is different from the butterfly effect the change of system depends much other conditions and therefore they are non-linear.

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