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Bejeweled Stars - Legends match- three days have returned

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Celebrating 15 years of match-3 Bejeweled brand, EA and PopCap has released work together completely new game called Bejeweled Stars.

Besides the 15-year anniversary of the famous brand, the EA Bejeweled ambitions also showed determination to reclaim the crown in the match-3 genre its first ever held in the junior long time ago Candy Crush . Title  game  offline  with new collaboration between EA and Popcap called full '' sexy '' is  Bejeweled Stars .

Bejeweled Stars and ambitions to reclaim the crown lost match-3

According to information known,  Bejeweled Stars  took a period of 3 years to complete and has been completely revised and more gameplay challenges, and obstacles powerup. It's great EA titles revive legendary match-3 gameplay someday with improved graphics besides Unity uses advanced technology. The new technology will help convey EA outstanding advantages of the series as well as increased Bejeweled exciting experience for users with new enhancements.


Basically,  Bejeweled Stars  still take the match-3 gameplay familiar but after each new level, the gameplay of the game have changed. At the first level, the task is still puzzle gamers at least 3 diamonds of the same color together horizontally, vertically or L shape to make them disappear from the screen.

Bejeweled Stars and ambitions to reclaim the crown lost match-3

However, with these new enhancements, the more the higher levels, Bejeweled Stars  broke a familiar tradition while allowing gamers to connect more diamonds in a variety of styles, for example, arranged in a square to unlock complementary, or create scores mirrored diamond chain in certain areas on the screen play to gain surprise. More importantly, Bejeweled Stars are countless hidden treasure chest, called the Chest for you to collect.

Bejeweled Stars and ambitions to reclaim the crown lost match-3

Like Peggle 2,  Bejeweled Stars  also brought some new characters and style and personality as Felis, Corvus, StarCat and StormCrow to accompany and guide the players to participate. Moreover, with new challenges such as Currents, Glaciers and Clouds will take players to the search for the stars to create constellations in the night sky illuminated, it is next to unlock special powers know.

Bejeweled Stars and ambitions to reclaim the crown lost match-3

With 205 main levels with over 100 challenging levels daily, Bejeweled Stars  is an intellectual game entertaining and addictive. With beautiful graphics, sounds merrily along with many additional breakthroughs and support as well as the challenges they deserve Bejeweled Stars is a match-3 game, or most, competitive and reclaim its capital position compared to other games of the same genre.

Bejeweled Stars and ambitions to reclaim the crown lost match-3
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