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At some online games " eat" League of Legends

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Here are some online games "eat" League of Legends is currently operating in our country.

Since the League of Legends became popular in Vietnam, series titles online games , mobile content, "eat" this constant game of NPH was launched to serve gamers.

It is a pity that the longevity of this game did not last long, we almost only work in a short time only. Here are some online games "eat" the Union Huyen Thoai are currently operating in our country:

LoL Arena

LoL Arena is a role-playing mobile games, the card is based on the general storyline of the League of Legends. In the game, players will be able to recruit the generals in the League of Legends on your team to battle enemies.

At some online games

LoL Arena is not only a clear storyline, unique in-game images are also big plus to attract players. Although only be put on the exit 2D images with colorful animation but creating character designs are pretty cute Chibi direction and lovely.

In terms of gameplay, LOL ARENA can be built with cards Minister, a style of play was too familiar to gamers Vietnam. The main task of the player collecting the generals SLA and train them to strengthen their teams through the common features of the role playing genre, such as enhancement, equipment, level up, increasing quality, ...

West Great War

West Great War was built with graphics and gameplay is identical compared to League of Legends, the only difference in the generals in this game was changed to the shape according to the character in Journey to the West, comes with operations in the mobile game "simplify" go alone.

At some online games

All features, functionality, content to play in the West are identical Wars League of Legends, others not at all. The generals in the game is designed exactly like the League of Legends, from style, to the skill system, the role ... on the way.

System maps and game modes in the West Great War was built exactly like League of Legends. Players will play these matches Manner 5vs5, 3vs3. After the game, players receive gold coins and experience. Gold coins to buy minister, jade and some other items that side, while experienced help players level up, in order to unlock additional jewel box and auxiliary points.

Legendary MOBA

Legendary English MOBA is inherent Calibur name of Spirit, and is built with style gameplay is quite similar to DOTA 2, in conjunction with the League of Legends. It is expected the game will be officially launched at the end of the domestic players this May.

At some online games

However, the system MOBA Legendary characters is the integration between the generals of the DOTA 2 and League of Legends. For example, Pudge, a general in the DOTA 2 is included in Legend MOBA.

However, it is regrettable that there is still much to Legendary MOBA gameplay minus points, and one of them is still crude graphics, fuzzy ... besides controlling limited character, not really soft and smoothly, can make players feel strained when a new experience.

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