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Familiar place

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Thought is said đểu, unfortunately not, but it looks like there is something wrong here, they must, guess what you read, whether this computer boss troll the employee intentionally or not? 



Nepotism .


Computer virus question: "Where are you from here?".

- What do you come from?

- I come from the USA.

- Then I was his neighbor before. I come from ... USB.




With all the light .


- Mom: We'll move to the second floor computer

- Con: If so I think we should put all the programs in the lighter machine during transport.

- Mother: ?



Stupid, do not ask .


One guy, a computer engineer to go install computer processes must be logged in visitors asked him: "What is your computer password that?"

- Source, do not ask.

- ????? (The basement cellar)

- Do not you get it? Do not you understand? Passwords that my machine.

- Extra! I thought!


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