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You see anything?

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You see anything?


A couple sitting confided:  
- Baby! Look to the trees over there you see anything?  
- I see a tree-lined, autumn had tinted yellow on the leaves. 
- You know what he said to love?  
- Love of my 2 kids will be beautiful forever like the fall, right?  
- No darling, that means he borrowed the bike was gone. 



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Dad's ultimate attack

Sin Li was a student of Transportation. On the midnight show with a message: "Ly Sin ah, Monday breakfast e seen a school, a handsome too, like a lover yet?"  
- "A no honey, but a name Ly Sin offline ! " 
- "Ah, dare lie e go flirting others lah!" 
- "Hi. A known to be a joke e e jealous look full."

- "Uh. Santa where you do not envy. Mai that brought you here I see her face."
As my husband
Sometimes students are watching movies in rooms psychology. The film shows scenes angry wife, holding sandals hit him affectionately as his adultery. 
- What are you thinking that glued on? 
- Nothing darling. He was just thinking the latter, as is my husband, so he has beaten not? Like what point? He and she were making love, she was ashamed to ask:  - I like cute face and glamorous body her?  - He liked the neck supple and soft hands, darling! (Plans are like rings and gold rings)


Son liked and most feared 
son heard anybody like this.  
- I want ...  
And most afraid when they heard the sentence:  
- I still want ... 


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