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Beauty contorted his face looking unconsolidated

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She noticed he often came in the evenings and weekends. He did not do anything to strike up a conversation or attention to her, sometimes he surreptitiously watched her then pretended bent over phone.

And so a year passed, Jada understand that this guy likes me silently but he seemed too shy to confess. So Jada decided to actively get acquainted. The next day, Jada approached and said:

- Hello, I'm Jada!

The boy jerked at:

- Hello, he named Smith!

- I appreciate the patience and his serious. One evening years he's come before you, you know that he secretly likes me but are too shy to confess. I mean, I really liked him well there!

The young man smiled at her and said:


Oh, very sorry to you, Jada! The truth is you do not have the wifi password, so after work I come here spend free to text with his girlfriend that!

- !!!

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