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Jokes two mosquitoes

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There are two mosquito befriended each other, a country house mosquito, a mosquito cities. After some negotiation, the urban mosquito mosquito boor accept him, but they themselves will make you part. Mosquitoes he said:  
- The urban population of children, year-round wear plain white food, delicious drink full complement, medium walnut, white skin just soft. I eat at the same place for very happy and he is great, struggled hard all year round wonderful little yokel; eat corn they eat vegetables, sun beams rain so hard just to fit thin skin. No. I really struggled. 


Jokes two muoi



Mosquitoes I said:  
- Yes you, sir, do you also filled day add nothing more delicious banquet.  
Mosquitoes he suggested:  
- You have been twinned together, bitter and unpleasant, generally tasty sweet part. You want me to take him back to the city, enjoying the taste of the city, then I take you home country to know the flavor of peasants is.  
Mosquitoes mosquito you agree and put him in a little temple location Something magic, only on some statues say:  
- Here's some of the great city's children, invite you yourselves!  
Mosquitoes he just going, hurry to wing fly to and land on bare arms the great people.  
Mosquitoes he takes the average student, who braced up, curved hump, legs bicycle, gearing up to inject lethal tentacles down skin peeled na of the great white's pink. But, strange, what type of snake skin chestnut that right, turned it back, tattoo place to place the other end without being punctured. Helpless and frustrated, he turned mosquito  
mosquito tells you:  
- University of the city's children, terrible! Look good, so that's hard to play worse, "bitter" truth! 


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