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Frontline Commando : Rivals - Every terrorist hiding mechanism FPS shooting

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Frontline Commando: Rivals - Every terrorist hiding mechanism FPS shooting

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Reportedly, Frontline Commando: Rivals is online shooter 3rd point very attractive to Glu Games Inc. from

Glu Games is a master of the genre of  mobile games  for free, each released a lot of products that players do not take a penny for download, but constantly have to spend real money for fresh rice dishes and objects in-game currency.  Frontline Commando: Rivals  game is also not out of that category.

Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

If you are familiar with the character Simon "Ghost" Riley in the famous game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players will surely recognize some of the similarities in the style of Frontline Commando design: Rivals. Identical in terms of image, but inside, Frontline Commando: Rivals  still follow the tradition of a  shooter  perspective Tuesday with using mechanisms as the main cover-shoot.

Background in  Frontline Commando: Rivals  reproduce style of World War 2 is extremely charismatic and lively. Join the game, players will have the duty to enforce the orders, complete them in order to regain the lost territories. With the help of an arsenal of modern and extremely sophisticated and combat skills of the player is the key to success in the end.


Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

Indeed,  Frontline Commando: Rivals  takes players relive the heroic memories of Normandy famous battle in the history of mankind. This event also created the inspiration to build the titles and blockbuster movies. Same with the name of the game, players will start their journey by returning back to the time of day 06/06/1944, at which the allies have resisted opening the back for the 2nd world war .

Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

The game requires players to manipulate possesses skills agility, precision on the touchscreen. After the end of the battle, complete each level, players will receive a certain amount of cash. With this money, you can optionally use to retrofit modern weapons, or upgrades for your weapons are a few new features, can cause greater damage competitor. This will bring the feeling and the experience more enjoyable.

Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

The control system in  Frontline Commando: Rivals  relatively simple. Specifically, players can tap the left and right edges of the screen to change the shelter. This will be extremely useful if you stick a grenade or fire a party is too strong. The virtual button in the right corner to set targets and replace bullets fired, but sometimes masked by the very back of the player causing difficulty in operation.

Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

Enemies will appear randomly from all sides and discharging bullets towards you. This makes the player character can not navigate freely. Instead, every move is limited and you must adhere to the points defined truoc.Tuy course, in return, the gun battles in the game are arranged with the perfect amount of time, not too long to or more boring, exhausted. Players will really feel excited and happy.

Frontline Commando: Rivals - Item terrible FPS with the

Frontline Commando: Rivals  owned platform 3D graphics and realistic definition on each frame. The fire and smoke effects, ballistic direction could be adjusted to provide a soft feel, smoother and more realistic. No single player mode only storyline that gamers can participate in online play with other players through 1vs1 or 2vs2 PvP mode.

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