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Dragon Nest : Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay

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From May 5, 2016, Dragon Nest: Genesis went into limited testing phase on the Android platform in the Chinese market.

Dragon Nest: Genesis  is a  mobile game  3D MMORPG genre with virtual ghost theme is developed and operated by the company Shanda Games. The game is modified mobile version of the client brand game "Dragon Nest" fame, promises a great experience for the players to keep the style as graphic design, and change something about muscle anonymous gameplay mode for more casual, more in line with the smart device generation.

Basically, this game is the gameplay mechanics have fused many elements of RPG genre token, while there are advantages to interesting innovations. In it, players will enjoy an anonymous mechanism of action combat teams, the characters can move freely on the predefined 3D maps, showing the advantage graphics instead of moving similar in a way with many other products of the same category. In the course of battle, players can choose one of three forms of control including manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic, the characters are mostly conventional automatic assault, only skills the need to manually activate the player.

Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay

Graphically hold true style version of the game client from the design stage to system context for character / monster doing a commendable advantage of  Dragon Nest: Genesis . Of course the image of the game has been modified slightly, becoming little more cute, the color is also somewhat brighter, but still designed to move very smooth and eye-catching effects skills. Moreover, the system of characters that players can recruit must say is very rich, take on different roles as professional soldiers, stay united, mage or assassin. Thereby, the game can impress and attract both old and new fan base, ensures a great visual experience.

Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay

Subsystem of the  game  online  brings a lot of features for a creative way is a bit more than the usual style is just going to kill all monsters and reach 3 stars. There are some supplements will apply MOBA gameplay style, require players to attack and break watchtower, then the main house of the enemy to win. Apart from the style of MOBA side, there are parts of the game require escort or defense character in a while ..., generally very rich, not simply as another card game.

Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay

In addition to the above features gameplay, the game also has other improvements, bring quality MMO clear when the main place where players can meet other players and NPC trading systems furniture. Also, the game has taken part in the construction system extremely fun park, allowing players the freedom to develop according to their own projects, enjoy taking profits, allowing characters playable characters go on Sale its members and staff had the whole family of friends. Of course, the game also focus on the guild system, which allows the construction of the community, participate in many different activities collectively.

Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay

From May 5, 2016,  Dragon Nest: Genesis  went into limited testing phase on the Android platform in the Chinese market.

Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay
Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay
Dragon Nest: Genesis - extremely impressive 3D game with innovative gameplay
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