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3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers

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Recently, we also had the opportunity to try the original version of 3D Mobile Express and make initial assessment.

As we have reported, the game  3D Mobile Express  was released NPH VNG gain in Vietnam. Currently, the game is about to complete the process of Vietnamese goods and prepare to hold internal testing, product launch press conference in the coming days. Recently, we also had the opportunity to try the original version of the game and make the initial assessment.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

3D Mobile Express  is a  3D mobile game  genre of martial arts themed MMORPG developed and operated by the company ChangYou. The game is the only product in the world to receive formal copyright from the author of the original "Storm Warriors" - Ma Wing-shing, conducted arranger classic comic has 26 years of history, giving cover great experience for the fans on the mobile platform.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

Reportedly,  Express 3D Mobile  will follow the facts closely in the original, built more attractive cutscenes comic style to lead the players, showing a clear way the footage classics like " Deciding Buddha Nhac Son Chien "," Nhi Thap Tam Soul Search, "" destroying God House of Assembly, "... Make sure to bring the depth and experience unique to the department loyal fans have watched" Storm Warriors "over the years.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

Furthermore, the manufacturer also expressed enthusiasm when using the team has created the resounding success with 3D Tian Long Ba Bu , to assert and maintain influence on the mobile platform. Apply a famous engine Unity 3D,  3D Mobile Express  owns full image quality and detailed 3D freedom, moreover, novel design direction, makes the player feel like the characters step out from the so picturesque. The school was built vast landscape, demonstrate the grandeur and rich lands of Central Asian features, Western Region, Nangang, East Business.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

On a professional systems, has built 4 game character corresponding to 4 according to the original style occupation with certain similarities as Phi Van, Shen Feng, The Love and Dream Dance. The specific character of style tanks approaching, local or foreign public companies, using the martial arts classics such as "Last literature", "Myth Quit", "Holy Sword France" ... fighting mechanism inonline games quickly with bold action and strong, fighting skills is very eye-catching, making the player just has voyeuristic hand again just manipulation to defeat the enemy.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

In terms of gameplay content, select the character immediately after the player will begin the journey traveled with his Wanderer main infection route sequence lasts. Interwoven into it, you will have the opportunity to meet celebrities such as Nip Fung, of Van Kinh, Anonymous ... character level up quite slowly, gradually features will open at a certain level milestones .

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

3D Mobile Express  has built nearly 10 kinds of PVP in various forms of different small scale, through which players can assert itself, become owners through martial proving his strength. Also has inherited the essence of the social features of traditional MMORPG with state sex, marriage, wine upstairs ..., reconstruct a vivid Wanderer, where the heroic quartet exchanges, concluded in organic hundred years.

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam

In general,  3D Mobile Express  has many plus points from peak to background graphics gameplay. Not only is hit in the Chinese market, the game also promises achieved much success in Vietnam in the coming time.

Some other images:

3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
3D Mobile Express demo before launch gamers Vietnam
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