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Viva video - video editing app for free

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ear free app Download application Viva Video


VivaVideo is one app and editor best video you can easily create your own video and share video with friends and family, making every moment of the day into a work of art as you like .


viva video editing application


Key Features:

+ Lens Camcorder Video Creation
option -Support multiple dial: Basic / Selfie / FX / Funny / Video Music / Video Pairing 
selfie -Machines unique image with interesting seven lenses 
-Use nine categories fun lenses to show "skills hoax" your 
special video -Back Instagram & Vine


viva tai cavalier video


+ Photo Hot Movie
easiest -How to turn your photos into a masterpiece of film and video slideshows created with just a few clicks!


+ Video Unique Transplant Programs (PIP)
-Kết of clips into a story with a lot of interesting video puzzle template & Wonderful


viva tai phone video


+ Powerful Video Editor
-The professional editing tools, easy to use 
-cutting and combining video clips in the script editor 
for video -Make beautiful with many types of writing, FX, stickers, sounds music, filters, transitions and voiced directly. 
-can instant preview all operations WYSIWYG editing method


viva free app video


+ Download Free All Resources
-Over 200 special effects include Stickers Animation / Themes / filters / FX / typeface / Transitions


+ Publish and share
Publish your video to the library at any time 
divisible share your videos to Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Line, email, etc.


ear free app Download Viva Video

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