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Zing MP3 - Peaks Music Vietnam

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icon tai game mien phi Zing MP3 Download


Zing Mp3 player is a free app in Vietnam .

With high quality music store bulky constantly updated  you will have to experience the most wonderful music on your mobile device.


zing mp3 music application

The salient features:
- Plays most popular music formats, supports lossless music 
- There widget, music controller in the notification bar and lock screen


zing mp3 music software

- Control music through headphones (can press 2 times / 3 times the play button (pause) to next / prev), display song information on Bluetooth devices 
- To / smaller volume when continued / stop, skip 
- Supports sound effects, adjust bass, balance, virtualizer and reverb 
- Search intelligent voice, support both Vietnamese


Ear online music cavalier zing mp3

- Enable applications up to browse / play when clicking the link to a song / video / album / playlist / artist on the website 
- View high-quality video with resolutions from 240p to 1080p different 
- Show full song information such as album title, album art, artist name, song title, lyrics and music both offline music online  
- 128kbps unlimited music download, user account can download Zing VIP nhạc 320kbps và nhạc lossless (.flac)


zing mp3 download music quickly and easily than three hours het

- Music online high quality (320kbps) 
- Management of the song, playlist, favorite ... as website 
- offline and online music player smart 
- Create, manage and play your music by playlist offline 
- There are English language besides Vietnamese 
- Support Chromecast



icon tai game mien phi Zing MP3 Download

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