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Stories Doremon authoritarian regime repartee between nobita and teachers

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 One day to go to school, Nobita no homework but argued he was too hard because not all do so he was glad: "Nobita ... !!! Why are you speaking so rude?"

doremon repartee institutions and teacher nobita

     Anger of shows culminating seen chasing Nobita out: "Get out of the classroom presto!"

doremon repartee institutions and teacher nobita 1

     See panic over the expulsion, but he Nobita devised cunning ways whining mortar incubation medium counsel. Teacher...!!! He chased me but then I just lost school boy alone ...

doremon repartee institutions and teacher nobita 2

     And suddenly he shouted: "But he was the one who took teach you."

doremon repartee institutions and teacher nobita 4

Seeing Teacher: Of course we must recognize Nobita say yes.

    Teachers simply just another profession and we need each other. Professional obligation of teachers is imparting knowledge to students, not necessarily gifted vocational knowledge to students. So if Nobita school lost and found lost a game regarded as "rude" and. So rude word here have heard ambiguity should think Nobita mix right?

    Speaking of polysemy is understood performer of Vietnamese storm like this: "Yesterday, via security over the past why not pass through?" : D West audiotape had that shock!

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