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The unique tips and tricks for iOS 9 on iPhone

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If you have upgraded to the latest iOS version 9 for your iPhone, you can conquer tactics with this OS as what pages  Pocket-lint  launched.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 1The update iOS 9 brings many new features to iPhone

App Switcher:  When the phone is unlocked, double-click the Home button, iOS 9 opens a GUI App Switcher so you can switch between applications, quit the application ... The application is to appear in a compartment arrange the cards that you can move back and forth from left to right. 

You can identify each card in the stack based on the application icon and name on it. To close an application, you swipe up on the card. However, now you can also swipe multiple tags simultaneously by multiple fingers. 

Disable Proactive Assistant:  If you do not want Siri to propose applications, people, places ... when searching with Spotlight, you can always disable Siri Suggestions in Settings> General. 

Moving applications from Spotlight search:  Spotlight can display content from all your applications, but you can control which applications are it can look at by visiting Settings> General> Spotlight Search. From there, you can turn on / off exactly the application you want, include the Spotlight search results.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 2Siri has now been integrated into iOS apps Spotlight on 9

Tell Siri to remember what you see on screen:  not only help set reminders, Siri can also remind you anything displayed on the phone screen, whether it's a website or notes . Just say, "Siri, Remind Me about this," she will scan the page and additional information related to your Reminders application. 

Disabling Contacts Found in Mail:  If you do not want Siri and Spotlight make suggestions ventures unclear communication from Mail, such as those you have not added to your address book, but still appear in the proposal, go to Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn it in the Mail options. 

Delete all emails in Mail:  Mail app is equipped with new features All Trash, just click the Edit button and then the Trash All to remove from your inbox with a single click. 

Search on the site in Safari :  To search for text in a web page when browsing in Safari, you tap the address bar, and then type a word, and scroll down to the bottom of the address bar to select the text-related suggestions from you type appear on the page. Now you can click the Share button on that page to options Find on Page appears. 

Disable the sites frequently visited in Safari:  Safari displays icons of the most visited sites of you every time you open a new page. It allows you to delete each file by pressing and holding down on them, but now you can turn off completely by going to Settings> Safari and Frequently Visited Sites off.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 3Safari web browser also has many enhancements in iOS 9

Change the look of Safari Reader  Safari Reader is equipped with a new button in the address bar. It has options to change the look and feel of the Reader where you can change the font, font size, color themes ... 

Redirecting in Maps:  In some major cities in the world, Apple offers a clearer view of where transit in the metro stations, buses, trains and ferries. So, when planning for a particular route, you will see the entire trip was set to place transit information.You can even ask Siri about the direction of travel. With Nearby, you can find shopping, dining ... 

Sketch in Notes:  Application Notes has been overhauled to allow you to add to the list, photographs, maps, web links and even the sketches that you can draw with your finger. Each note has a keyboard option on the menu contains new tools. Tap it to create a list, add images, change the format ... Of course, thanks to iCloud that changes your notes will be updated on all your devices and on You can even organize your notes into folders. 

Save attachments to Notes:  The Share button on the system are added ability to support Notes. So, for example, in Safari, click the Share button to save attachments, such as a link or document to a new or existing notes. There is also an attached file browser in Notes enables organizations of attachments in a single view (click the icon in the lower left corner of the grid). 

Set Apple News:  Applications News Apple has appeared in a number of areas provides a reading experience combines a visual look of the magazine pages with media digital. You can follow the news from over a million topics, get information on benefits and pull articles from your favorite sites.


When you open the message in the first time you will be asked to choose a topic and source. From there, the app will load and you will see a menu bar along the bottom of each screen in the app. It contains the tab For You, Favourties, Explore, Search and Saved. 

Return of applications:  When you open a link or typing a message while using an app, you will be taken to a new application to view the complete details. But you'll see a new button in the Back to the upper left of the application was opened, allowing you to exploit it and immediately return to the application you are using. 

Delete an alarm:  Previously, Swipe to delete manipulation by Apple does not work in the Clock application, delete an alarm before, you must click on the Edit button and delete from it, but now all you need to do is swipe on own alarm yourself. 

Hide image from Moments, Collections and Years:  If there is a picture you do not want people to easily see the main library, you can select the picture, then click the Share button and choose Hide on the bottom to hide it completely (it will still be displayed in the All Photos and albums of it). 

Easily select the image:  You can tap the thumbnail image in the Photos app to select multiple photos at once, but now you can just swipe your finger on a thumbnail to select a picture sequence. All are marked blue and can be shared, moved or deleted. 

Change speeds slow-mo:  The new iPhone that allows you to film in slow motion Slow-Mo mode. You can always change the frame rate per second by accessing the Settings> Photos & Camera> Recorde Slo-mo.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 5iOS 9 enables slow-motion film to customize different speeds

Change the video resolution:  Go to the bottom of the Camera Settings section you will see a new option Record Video lets you change the video quality recoded in the quality 720p HD at 30 fps, 1080p at 30 fps or 1080p at 60 fps. 

Enlarge video playback:  In iOS 9, you can pinch to zoom in on a video like you do with a photograph. 

Exit preview:  When browsing images in the Photos app, You can enlarge an image within the image to view full mesh screen, but now you can easily swipe down to preview the image and return to the image grid. 

Creating a favorite slideshow:  Application Photos of Apple is equipped with a slide show, but the control options have been expanded and moved from Settings. Now, when you start slideshow from the Share menu you'll see a new button in the corner Options, allows you to change themes, music, speed and transition effects. 

Search Settings  app in iOS allows Settinhs you interact with a search field at the top where you can easily find the need to switch settings. 

Enable Low Power Mode  Low Power Mode new feature (Settings> Battery) allows you reducing the power consumption of the iPhone by disabling or reducing background applications, the ability to automatically download, get mail ... You can enable this feature at any time, or you will be prompted to switch to it when only about 10-20% battery.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 6Low Power Mode is a battery saving feature is appreciated in iOS 9

Disable animations keyboard:  Apple Keyboard application equipped with a cartoon character displayed as pop-ups serve as feedback when you touch the keyboard. You can turn it off by going to Settings> General> Keyboard> Character Preview.

Using the 6-digit passcode:  Previously, Apple only allows you to set password protection with 4 digits, but now it provides options 6 numbers to increase security for the device. Just go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> Change Passcode Passcode and then choose Options.

The unique tips and tricks for iOS on the iPhone 9 - Photo 7With 6 digit Passcode help iPhone become much safer

Change react with touch screen:  A new section in the Settings app is that it lets you change how the screen reacts to touch its operations. You can tell iPhone ignore the repeated strokes. You can also add time to touch the screen before being accepted ... 

Check the battery via the widget Battery:  Notification Center is equipped with a new widget under Today, you see the remaining amount of battery life on the iPhone. If you do not like this widget you click the Edit button at the bottom of the screen and 

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