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10 fixing , fix fix iOS battery power 9

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Instructions on how to troubleshoot, fix the battery life on iOS fixes 9 help iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with the battery life on Apple's new operating system for longer.


Users were able to update to OS 9's Apple iOS. However, there appear to cause the battery life on iOS bug 9, especially with the product line iPhone, iPad and iPod touch old. However, there was a fix fix fix iOS battery power on 9 simple and effective way to increase battery life


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


Error on iOS 9 battery power stems from several causes. First is the new operating system update some features or applications that contribute to the energy drain. How to fix this error is not too difficult. The next possible reason is software conflicts, bugs installed on iOS 9. Also, a too frequent cause is due to devices iPhone, iPad and iPad touch you encounter problems and need to be addressed .


1. Fix, fix fix iOS battery power by shutting 9 pin hungry applications

Since iOS 8, and now the iOS 9, Apple has enabled a battery management intuitive and far more effective. Users can see the number of batteries, which application is causing the battery to drain, and toss and improve time use.



10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9



To check the battery management on iOS 9, go to: Settings >> Battery. Here, check which applications consume the most battery and is running in the background. If necessary, remove them. This is a very efficient battery bug fix.


To disable location positioning feature, go to Settings> Privacy> Location Services and turn it off. Off background application by going to Settings> General> Background App Refresh.


2. Use Low Power Mode mode to save battery

iOS 9 brought a great new feature called Low Power Mode is capable of maintaining the operation of the phone, tablet, though the battery is depleted. Often, the system will automatically turn on "low-energy" when the battery status at an alarming rate.


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


However, the user can manually activate the Low Power Mode to overcome temporary battery power status on iOS 9 by going to: Settings> Battery> Low Power Mode.


3. Disable iCloud Keychain

On iOS 9 iCloud Keychain featuring the gadget package with the ability to protect passwords and credit card information safe. Encrypted and stored on the device makes use of Apple IDs in easy payments. However, this will cause a lot of battery power. To fix this error on battery power, you temporarily turn off iCloud Keychain:


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


Login: Settings> iCloud> iCloud Keychain and off as usual. It will help fix iOS battery hogs 9.


4. Turn off location services on Applications

Many applications, software on iOS 9 requires positioning via GPS. This is one of the causes of the most battery power for devices to be connected and constantly updated location. To turn this off go to: Settings> Privacy> Locations Services and select the apps you want to disable the positioning. Add a bug fix battery power.


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


5. Reset all Settings

If many solutions on iOS pin 9 is not effective, then you should think about: Reset all settings on iPhone, iPad to the system running smooth and error free. You go to: Settings> General> Reset> Reset All Settings, and wait for the process to reset the installation is in progress.


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


6. Remove installed iOS and use iTunes 9

If the update from iOS iOS 9 8 form OTA, you can develop battery problems. In this case, some people have experienced. So, how to fix battery life on iOS 9 was then renewed installed via iTunes.


7. Downgrade iOS 8.4.1

If iOS 9 causing battery power, you should switch to using iOS 8.4.1 and wait a while to update iOS 9.1 perfect will "to life" again. To do this, you refer to the article How to downgrade from iOS 8.4.1 iOS 9 down. Hopefully, you will fix the battery life on your device.


8. Restart the device

How to fix iOS battery power is rightfully his 9 in the first place, but okay. You can simply restart the device to fix bugs effectively drain battery for iPhone, iPad running iOS 9 without too much effort. Hold down the Home key and simultaneously Button to perform this process.


9. Disabling the feature push (Push) mail

Push mail is a feature that automatically updates the mail on the device, it is one of the leading causes of consuming battery power and bandwidth. Disable Push mail by going to Settings> Mails, Contacts and Calendars> Fetch New Data. Then check any mail account are automatically pushed to disable letters, or select the update time for 30 minutes or 1 hour, or longer.


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


10. Background App Refresh

Apple added multitasking capabilities from iOS 7 and 9 remain on iOS allows apps to update baseline data continuously. This causes fast running out of power, especially with older devices.To disable, go to Settings> General> Background App Refresh, and off we go. For example, Facebook does not need constant updates. You will fix the bugs partially drain the battery.


10 fixing, fix fix iOS battery power 9


These are 10 ways to overcome fix battery life on iOS fixes 9 is effective for all devices iPhone, iPad and iPod touch are on the advent of new operating systems. Like it or not, the battery life is still weak point of Apple and can not completely overcome. Therefore, you should manually fix yourself the way the battery life fixes such as on iOS 9 to "correct".

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