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Most played game in 2016

Game pikachu

Game pikachu

Pikachu online gaming on the phone, playing games free pikachu immediately without installation. Enjoy the game of the world point for office people completely new style.
Play now Mobile Play count: 41,274
Game đào vàng online

Game dig gold

Become a miner but not the type that's just where miners dig for gold with the classic digging game gold Online will give you the feeling of becoming giants, earn thousands of $ in Fluent moment.
Play now Mobile Lượt chơi: 39,310
Game cutting fruits

Game cutting fruits

Cutting fruit online gaming on your phone. The game is very interesting for both adults and children. Your task is to get as many fruits guillotine as possible and note away the bombs disguised.
Play now Mobile Play count: 39,310
Game granny hijacked

Game granny hijacked

Playing games online rob elderly woman on the phone. Become an old woman holding soft mouth stick to type, but the hand beating the pirates or sealing bar goose on the road. Earn money and buy sticks to her dam is stronger as the game's missions.
Play now Mobile Play count: 44,839
Bạn muốn sở hữu máy bay điều khiển từ xa không?
Game flying dog

Game flying dog

Online gaming on your phone flying dog playing game similar to the classic game Flappy Bird of author Ha Dong. Game stylized with sound and picture dog flying fun.
Play now Mobile Play count: 38,582
Shoot feeding coins

Shoot feeding coins

Playing games online shooting fish extremely interesting micro trend, you certainly met this game in the commercial center with large table for 3 4 people playing. Buy coins for several thousand 1 slot too expensive, you can now fish Shoot cents on the phone did not even require installation.
Play now Mobile Play count: 38,289
Làm chủ bầu trời với máy bay điều khiển cỡ trung?
Deep Sea Treasure game

Deep Sea Treasure game

Deep sea treasure gaming online on your phone, deep sea treasure game for free on nhieugame without installation. Download Deep Sea Treasure game free on your phone and computer. Playing games on the HTML5 web browser.
Play now Mobile Play count: 35,425
Game animals attack

Game animals attack

Animal attack online gaming on your phone. Game is easy to play you just touch to kill the beasts on the touch screen, game matching children to develop the reflexes quick thinking of the eye.
Play now Mobile Play count: 32,595
Game lazy hippos

Game lazy hippos

Help chick that lazy to get water by Arrangements, freshwater pipes. Game very interesting for you to judge and consider thinking. The game has many levels with increasing difficulty that will make you extremely interesting find.
Play now Mobile Play count: 31,332
Tracking Dinosaurs

Tracking Dinosaurs

Selection and flip the pictures of dinosaurs for pairing, memory training game for you to develop the ability to observe and remember pahn far. Gaming tracing dinosaur free on nhieugame without installation
Play now Mobile Play count: 31,195
Game baby love to eat sweet candies

Game baby love to eat sweet candies

Game for children under 25 years old, also known as buffalo child if still like candy. When pulling appear just touch you will enjoy this sweet taste. Try to eat as much as was the high point nhé.
Play now Mobile Play count: 21,307
Game pour sand into the bucket

Game pour sand into the bucket

Skillfully adjust the tilt of the barrel with touch phones to help the dog can get into the bucket with sand. Ingenuity flexibility in thinking will help you win the game extremely interesting.
Play now Mobile Play count: 16,042


Game fever in 2015 were present HTML5 version. Just go to the web play immediately without installation with the sole task is put the power of 2 numbers together to create the winning numbers in 2048, can you guys in one day?
Play now Mobile Play count: 4,581
Puzzle Curvy

Puzzle Curvy

Curvy online puzzle gaming on the phone, play puzzle games for free on nhieugame curvy without installation. Download Free curvy puzzle game on your phone and computer. Playing games on the HTML5 web browser.
Play now Mobile Play count: 12,012
Game dog likes to eat apples

Game dog likes to eat apples

Playing games online dog likes to eat apples on the phone, the dog must find a way to pick apples in the given task in each level. The game is very simple but no less interesting when you have to have a rich imagination to be completed.
Play now Mobile Play count: 45,053
Game Wake monster

Game Wake monster

Game Wake monster game logic is very attractive. Your mission is the elimination of obstacles on the road to the encounter monsters and awaken universal mother plants. Game play on your phone without installation!
Play now Mobile Play count: 46,061
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